Meter Test Switches

TESCO introduced the original Meter Test Switch in the early 1920’s. Today, TESCO’s line of Test Switches has been redesigned with the intention to combine the best features of tried and proven switching methods with improvements in materials and construction.

All of the current carrying parts are bright tin plated to prevent corrosion. Good operating contact is assured on periodic meter tests, even when the switch has been idle for long periods of time in an unfavorable atmosphere.

The switches are open knife-blade.. Of the two current switch poles in each circuit one is provided with an automatic shorting jaw, and the other has a shunted jack which will receive a Test Plug (Cat. 1077) or our Test Switch Isolator (Cat. 1076).

The Test Switches are rated at 60 amps, 600 volts, meet all applicable EEI, ANSI C12.9, NEMA & H-Q safety standards, and are UL recognized. We offer 2-10 pole test switches and custom manufacture each order to your specifications.

Unless otherwise specified, the insulated switch blade knobs will be furnished in red for potential and in black for current. Any other combination of colors is available.

Also available is the Test Switch Protector (Cat. 6441) to serve as a safety cover during meter cabinet wiring and maintenance to protect against dropped hardware or tools and to protect the meter technician while the test switch blades are in the open position.



  • UL Recognized
  • Short Lead Times. TESCO test switches are delivered in days, not weeks
  • Light weight construction
  • 600 Volt insulation, 60 Amp capacity
  • Manufactured from flame-retardant materials
  • Non-breakable, glass-filled polycarbonate base
  • Non-breakable, clear polycarbonate cover
  • Captive cover nuts, knurled for easy finger tightening and prevents loosing/dropping hardware in the field
  • Captive wing nuts optional
  • Covers available in both clear and black
  • High-strength thermoplastic switch handles
  • Color-coded switch handles availible (including half colors)
  • Easily replaceable switch assemblies
  • Standard mounting dimensions
  • Any pole arrangement up to 10 poles available
  • Reversed potentials available
  • Compression type wire connectors availabe
  • All current carrying components can be supplied with tin plating, nickel plating or no plating
  • Rugged one-piece jaw ensures long life, durability, and reliable contact
  • Easy to adapt or repair in the field

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