About Us

Nighthawk designs and manufactures Mesh-Cellular Smart Grid AMI solutions for the utility industry. Adaptiv™, Nighthawk’s next-generation AMI solution for utilities eliminates the complexity and burdens of infrastructure while providing a robust platform delivering secure and expanded capabilities.

Utilities can build-out their network any way they want, regardless of propagation studies or tower locations. This significantly improves customer service without having to add IT staff to payroll. With Adaptiv™, utilities can focus on their core

business while growing their network as budgets allow and simultaneously reducing operating costs.

Adaptiv™’s next-generation mesh technology provides exceptional capacity, allowing for expanded smart city initiatives. Nighthawk leverages best of class ANSI products from Itron® and Aclara® while adding Adaptiv™ two-way communications, security and redundancy at no additional cost. Add to that to our Adaptiv™ hosted software and you have a full-featured smart grid solution designed to deliver exceptional ROI with minimal effort.

Nighthawk products are used throughout North America, Caribbean and Asia in a variety of mission critical applications, including hardened and secure utility control.  We are building the future of Smart Grid solutions for Water, Gas, and Electric utilities with our Adaptiv™ device strategy.



The Eastern Specialty Company (TESCO) is pleased to announce effective today it will take over the Nighthawk Adaptiv™ family of products, offering uninterrupted support of Nighthawk customers. The Nighthawk Adaptiv cellular and fiber advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution provides a zero-infrastructure offering. This is particularly helpful for larger, investor-owned utilities to leverage their private, long-term evolution networks for next-generation AMI needs. This also benefits cooperatives wanting to leverage their fiber networks for the same purpose and for smaller municipal and cooperative utilities wanting to enter the AMI market.


“We are pleased this transition will help our Nighthawk customers continue to receive the support they have come to expect from our operation,” said Brad Kitterman, CEO of AMI Solutions, LLC, whose team supports the Nighthawk Adaptiv line of products. “We are very pleased with the level of commitment already demonstrated by TESCO toward the ongoing deployment and support of these products, reaffirming our decision to entrust our customers in their hands.”

Tom Lawton, President and CEO of TESCO, is similarly enthusiastic, stating, “The AMI Solutions’ engineering team is second to none. Working together to serve the Nighthawk Adaptiv customers has been a great experience and a relatively seamless transition. Adding the Nighthawk AMI solution to our existing portfolio of products and services will help us continue to achieve our mission of becoming the primary outside metering resource to our electric utility customers.”


Adaptiv™ Scalable AMI & Hosted Software is the zero‑infrastructure smart meter solution designed to deliver exceptional ROI and a seamless user experience.

Adaptiv™ eliminates the complexity and burdens of infrastructure while providing a robust, scalable, multi-commodity platform. Utilities can easily customize their networks as needed, regardless of propagation studies or tower locations. Our hosted software solution is user-friendly, mobile-ready, and significantly improves customer service without requiring the addition of IT staff. Adaptiv™ is a full-featured smart grid AMI solution designed to eliminate the complexities of AMI, while delivering exceptional ROI with minimal effort.

Solution Features

Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface

Easy to navigate GUI, with full capability for over-the-air configurations and upgrades to firmware

Zero-Infrastructure Security

Avoid complex costly infrastructure with a secure and reliable solution made to adapt to your needs

Adaptable & Flexible

Enjoy immediate AMI benefits knowing Adaptiv™ can accommodate roll-outs when you’re ready

Focus on what you do best, and let Adaptiv™ do the rest.

Our unique zero-infrastructure solution enables incremental or rapid deployment and provides the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Nighthawk products are trusted worldwide in a variety of mission critical applications, including hardened and secure utility control. Contact us today to learn more or request a product demo.