Meter Disconnect Sleeves

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When TESCO begins new product development, there’s one goal in mind…to be the single source for everything involving metering (except for the meter itself). With that in mind, TESCO is now offering Meter Disconnect Sleeves (Catalog No. 250).

Our new Mylar® Sleeves provide a fast and safe solution to leave a watt-hour meter in place, but electrically disconnected from the socket. They act as insulating sheaths, temporarily disconnecting the blades of the meter from the receiving socket, when interruption of the electrical service is desired.

Our Sleeves are suitable for use on most meters, as they have sufficient width to accommodate blades of different sizes. They are also easily identifiable with two bright red stripes printed on the inside of the sleeve.

TESCO Meter Disconnect Sleeves are intended for one-time use only.



Dielectric Strength: 4500V
Dimensions: 1.4″ x 0.86″ x 0.014″
Wall Thickness: 0.005″
Material: Mylar®
Packaging: 1 Gross (144 pieces)

Equipment Documentation


Catalog No. 250 – Meter Disconnect Sleeves

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Catalog No. 250 – Meter Disconnect Sleeves (Operating Instuctions)

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