Catalog No. 1029 - Vacuum Assist

1029 Vacuum Assist Unit
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1029 Vacuum Assist
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1029 Vacuum Assist Unit
1029 Vacuum Assist

Frustrated by optical pickups and probes that do not stay attached to meter covers? We have a solution! TESCO’s Vacuum Assist actively generates a vacuum that attaches your TESCO optical pickup or probe to the meter and allows hands-free use for the meter tech. No more wasted time during testing or communication work when the pickup or probe falls off.

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TESCO’s Vacuum Assist (Cat. 1029) uses a small, quiet USB or battery powered vacuum pump to securely hold pickups and probes in place.

The Vacuum Assist can be used with TESCO’s Cat. 1037-STND or 1037-DTS Optical Pickups and TESCO’s Cat. 1038 Optical Probe.  A convenient carrying case (Cat. 901) is also available that will fit the Vacuum Assist and accessories.


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  • Secure, robust, vacuum grip on flat meter covers
  • Allows meter tech hands-free flexibility of a pickup or probe to conduct testing
  • No need for suction cups
  • On/off switch can be used with rubber gloves/PPE
  • Compact, lightweight and quiet function


USB Powered Capabilities
Conveniently USB powered when USB port is available
Rechargeable Battery
Rechargeable battery powered when used with Cat. 1037-STND or 1037-DTS
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