Training Systems

TESCO’s Training Systems are built to your specifications to simulate various field conditions and aid in the training of field personnel in a full range of conditions and faults.

Fully customizable, TESCO’s Training Systems can accommodate different meter forms and multiple meter sockets.  These systems can be used to train new employees or refresh troubleshooting for senior meter technicians.

A typical Training System will include a number of meter enclosures, CT cabinets, and other hardware as specified by the customer that represents various meter forms and installations found in the field within the utility’s coverage area.

Each system is energized with the appropriate single-phase or three-phase service potential and current. The main panels are controlled from a central console with a touch screen. The Training System can simulate standard, self-contained, or transformer rated services. Primary services can be simulated with certain potential restrictions.



Training System Simulation Examples include:


  • Normal: Connects the service power to the LINE side jaws of the meter socket
  • Inverted/Cogeneration: Potentials on loadside and current 180° phase shift
  • Back-Feed: Typical of residential system with backup generation
  • Ground Fault
  • Low Impedance Faults
  • Miswired Switch: Can simulate a variety of different, incorrectly wired socket conditions
  • Missing Phases
  • Open/Missing Neutral
  • Line Side Faults
  • Open Circuits
  • Load Side Faults
  • Swapped Potentials (on Polyphase services)
  • Swapped Currents (on Polyphase services)

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