Training Board

The TESCO Training Boards were designed to create different problematic installation scenarios that a meter technician may encounter at an installation. The Training Boards are comprised of three independent meter sockets (Forms 1S, 2S and 12S) on the front of the board (trainee side). The back of the Training Board has three control panels, one for each socket, with switches that will create the different scenarios, in which the trainee must troubleshoot. TESCO Training Boards are the perfect solution for training new employees or to use as a refresher for senior meter technicians.

TESCO Training Boards (Catalog No. 1500) can be customized to include other features, additional meter sockets, or different meter forms. TESCO also offers Training Rooms, for utilities that are interested in a dedicated meter training facility. Contact TESCO to discuss more details.



  • Service Selector Switch:
    • 120/240V 3-wire service
    • 120/208V 3-wire service
  •  Invert Wiring Switch:
    • NORMAL: connects the service power to the LINE side jaws of the meter socket
    • INVERT: connects the service power to the LOAD side of the meter socket
  • Back-Feed (2 & 4) Switches: These switches will connect the service voltage present at the LINE side jaws to the LOAD side jaws
  • Ground Fault (2 & 4) Switches: These switches when placed in the FAULT position will connect the meter socket LOAD jaws to ground to simulate a ground fault
  • Load (2 & 4) Switches: These switches will add a nominal 0.5A load to the meter socket
  • Miss-Wire Switch: This switch will simulate the missing neutral wire at jaw 3 (socket terminal 3) of the socket. Without this connection, the meter will not power up. Placing the switch in the MISSING position will open the connection to jaw 3

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Training Board

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Training-Board(Operating Instructions)

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