Safety Headlamp

TESCO’s Safety Headlamp (Catalog No. 450) brings new meaning to the term safety. Class 1 locations are areas where flammable gases may be present in sufficient quantities to produce explosive or flammable mixtures. Div 1 areas are where explosive or flammable materials usually exist under normal conditions. The TESCO 450 is certified for both!

Explosion/Spark Proof UL Class 1/Div 1 Certified. Lifetime Warranty!



  • Waterproof
  • High, med and low output settings
  • Regulated for constant output
  • Durable Xylex body for maximum chemical resistance
  • Includes rubber strap for hard hat use, and also includes industrial Velcro & nylon strap

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Catalog No. 450 – Safety Headlamp

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