Precision Multirange Current Transformer (P-2000)

The Type P-2000-2 Knopp Precision Current Transformer is useful for high and low voltage work in the laboratory, shop and field for testing, measuring, and calibrating. The excellent accuracy and the One-to-One calibrating feature make it admirably suited as a standard for calibrating work.

The range of a 5-ampere watthour meter standard or a 5-ampere ammeter or wattmeter can be accurately extended by this Precision Multirange Current Transformer to cover all current values between 75 amperes and 2000 amperes, and with the advantage that the secondary instrument need not be used below the three-quarter load or scale point.

Because this through-type current transformer provides ranges above 100 amperes, it is a useful transformer as a complement to the self-contained Type RA, RB, and RC Knopp Precision Transformers which are limited to a  maximum of 200, 100, and 400 amperes, respectively.



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Catalaog No. P-2000 Precision-Multirange Current Transformer

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