Polyphase Socket Tester

Knopp’s K-281 Polyphase Socket Tester is designed to detect backfeed conditions, grounds, short circuits and wiring errors in either a 120/240, 120/208 or 277/480 volt meter socket. It is equipped with high intensity Power Lights and Fault Lights to show whether or not the meter is safe to set. The Polyphase Socket Tester also comes with a heavy duty handle for quick and easy installation.

Note: Canadian Polyphase unit (K-281-C) is also available (347/600 volt).



  • 277/480 Volt
  • Sturdy handle for easy removal
  • 6 jaw design
  • UL 94-5 VA Flame Rating
  • Fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate

Equipment Documentation


Catalog No. K-281 – Polyphase Socket Tester

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Catalog No. K-281 – Polyphase Socket Tester (Users Manual)

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