Meter Test Board (MTB)

The accuracy of TESCO’s Meter Test Board (MTB-3050) is now available in multi-position test boards to perform individual or simultaneous accuracy tests in the meter shop!

TESCO’s Meter Test Boards (MTBs) come standard with accuracy ±0.04% at unity power factor from 0.2A to 50A, ±0.02% typical. Optional 0.02% accuracy boards are also available upon request as well as 100A and 200A.



  • Accuracy testing
  • Demand testing
  • Time Run Testing
  • Meter Disconnect Switch Testing
  • Service Disconnect through keypad and PC software interface
  • Full functional testing capability for all AMI/AMR meters
  • Meter program updates
  • Software revision checking for both the meter and the communications module
  • Communications module troubleshooting
  • Digital Waveform Generator(s)
  • Checking of problem meters for open/shorted elements
  • Automated electronically actuated socket
  • Integrated Reference Standard
  • IR port, radio, and PLC communications testing can be verified for all meters loaded into the board

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