Catalog No. 6330 - Meter Site Analyzer

Need an all-in-one field test kit?  TESCO’s Meter Site Analyzer is the most versatile and complete tool for testing the entire functionality of transformer-rated metering installations in a convenient, portable, and ULTRA lightweight kit—only 17.8 lbs!

As a utility, the vast majority of revenue comes from large customers who have transformer-rated services.  At transformer rated sites the opportunity for something to go wrong is much greater than at a self-contained site.  Studies have shown that at transformer-rated sites, the vast majority of issues are related to wiring, CTs, PTs and other issues.  If you want to be sure that the customer is billed correctly and you are not losing revenue, you must test the whole site, not just the meter.

TESCO’s all-in-one 6330 Meter Site Analyzer gives you the most versatile site testing tool available in a small, lightweight package. No other test system has the functionality of:

  • Complete Site Verification
  • CT Testing (ratio with Burden, burden, admittance)
  • Meter Testing
    • Customer Load to 20A
    • Load Box to 5A
    • Accuracy, Demand, Timed Register, Timed Run, Energy Delivery
  • “Fast Key” Anytime Data
    • Metrology Data
    • Phasor Diagrams
    • Live Waveforms with Recording
    • Harmonics
Now introducing TESCO Device Manager! TESCO Device Manager (TDM) will allow you to easily and efficiently gather data from your Cat. 6330 Meter Site Analyzer to create PDF reports and save important site information. Easy and simple to use, TDM will be able to upgrade your Meter Site Analyzer experience.
Features include:
  • Direct to PDF reporting
  • Report customization with company logo
  • CSV data exporting
  • Ability to simultaneously extract data from multiple units
  • Ability to import data from a Cat. 6330 into other units
  • Ability to simultaneously update multiple units

 Click on the PDF under Equipment Documentation for more information and specifications.


  • All-in-One Test Kit! Test the entire functionality of transformer rated metering installations
  • Lightweight - 17.8 lbs. with items necessary to perform tests in the field
  • True three phase load box
  • Portable and convenient
  • Ability to read screen in direct sunlight


17.8 pounds with basic items needed in field
18.2" x 13.9" x 6.7"
Fully battery powered
7" high resolution screen
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