Loading Transformer

This readily portable Knopp Loading Transformer weighs only 60 pounds and measures 12″ long, 9″ wide, and 10″ high. Its sturdy enclosure provides protection and adequate ventilation. Two convenient carrying handles are provided.

The insulating terminal panel is rigidly secured to the transformer frame, and heavy-current, bus-bar-type terminals are securely bolted to the panel. The two outpout terminals each have two connection surfaces, one on a vertical plane and one on a horizontal plane, for maximum convenience in connecting the heavy current leads and in changing, when necessary, the series-parallel links. The links and the output connections cannot interfere with each other. All terminals and connection links are plated

Both the primary and the secondary are insulated for a 4,000 volt, 60 cycle, one-minute test. A grounding stud is provided on the enclosure.

Where currents up to 1,000 amperes are required, the CL-6 portable Knopp Loading Transformer is very useful in the testing and calibrating of current-acuated protective and switching devices, current-carrying apparatus, and transformers, such as:

  • Sectionalizers
  • Fuse links
  • Meters
  • Meter sockets
  • Fuse boxes
  • Connectors
  • Cables
  • Busses
  • Overcurrent relays
  • Thermal Overload relays
  • Motor starter overload relays
  • Oil circuit breakers
  • Transformer breakers
  • Disconnect switch contacts
  • Instrument current transformers
  • Air circuit breakers (thermal, magnetic, and thermal-magnetic

Ratings and Ranges
The CL-6 is a 5 KVA transformer. This unit may be used continuously at that output when used with rated voltage on the 110- and 220-volt connections. It is of conservative and quality design, assuring good waveform and dependable service under all field testing conditions.

  • Frequency: 50/60 cycles
  • Input: Taps for 90, 110, 180, and 220 volts
  • Output: 5 volts, 1000 amperes (parallel connection); 10 volts, 500 amperes (series connection)

The output currents indicated are maximum for continuous duty, and on intermittent duty the output currents may be increased to 750 amperes at 10 volts and 1500 amperes at 5 volts on a 40% duty cycle of 20 minutes on and 30 minutes off.



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Catalog No. CL-6 – Loading Transformer Type

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Catalog No. CL-6 – Loading Transformer Type (Spanish)

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