Load-to-Line Jumpers

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TESCO’s Load-to-Line Jumpers (Catalog No. 200) allows the utility to perform meter maintenance without interruption of service to the downstream occupant. TESCO bypass jumpers are rated for 200 amps continuous duty and are made from a durable 1/8″ thick tin-plated copper with a durable insulating material covering everything except the blades.

TESCO Load-to-Line Jumpers are available in four configurations:

  • Catalog No. 200: Standard 200 Amps
  • Catalog No. 200-LP: Low-Profile 200 Amps
  • Catalog No. 200-3: Standard 320 Amps
  • Catalog No. 200-3LP: Low-Profile 320 Amps


The Low-Profile versions are designed for applications where a Blank-Out Cover (Catalog No. 276) would be left in place for an extended period of time.



Rating: 200/320 Amps continuous duty
Material: Tin-plated copper with an insulated cover
Packaged: 2 per package

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Catalog No. 200 – Load to Line Jumpers

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Catalog No. 200 – Load to Line Jumpers Dimensions

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$80.48$104.55Select options

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