Knopp Phase Sequence Indicator

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Use of the Knopp K-3 Phase Sequence Indicator saves man-hours and protects valuable equipment against damage. It pays for itself in a short time.


POSITIVE, STRAIGHTFORWARD SEQUENCE INDICATION IS PROVIDED over a wide variety of voltage and frequency by direction of rotor rotation. No need for range switching or terminal charging. Also indicates an open phase.

MODEL K-3 (Cat. 44030): 60-600 volts, 25-60 Hz, 36″ red, white and blue leads

MODEL K-6: 24-480 volts, 400 Hz, 36″ red, white and blue leads

MODEL K-7: 60-600 volts, 25-60 Hz, available in various lead lengths.

*see PDF below for more information on lead lengths and application on other frequencies.

The following salient features are reasons for this instrument’s proven reliability and long life, for its convenience, simplicity, and safety in use and for its durability in rigorous service.



  • Specially designed induction motor unmistakably indicates the phase sequence by direction of rotation or rotor disc.
  • The Lead Set is permanently connected to the instrument to save testing time and prevents errors in connecting
  • For ease and certainty in identifying connections, the test clips are permanently marked with letters A, B, and C, and the corresponding flexible leads and slip insulators are coded red, white, and blue.
  • The patented circuit and switch arrangement makes for instrument protection and personnel safety. Because of the switch, the Indicator clips can be left connected to the circuit-under-test between “before” and “after” readings of the pase sequence – timesaving and error preventing. Between these tests the instrument can be left hanging from the clips.
  • There are no exposed metal parts. The instrument housing is made of laminated phenolic, and is cylindrically shaped, and exceptionally rugged service-proven constructions. The three window panes are small and deeply recessed for protection from impacts.
  • Good visibility of the rotor movement is assured. The black area of the aluminum rotor blacks out windows in phase sequence.
  • Only 21 oz. in weight, the indicator is small and easily carried.

Equipment Documentation


Knopp K3 (Operating Instructions)

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Knopp K3 Variations

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Knopp Phase Sequence Indicators (Spanish)

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Knopp Phase Sequence Indicators

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$541.13$610.40Select options

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