Current Transformer Testing System

The Knopp Current Transformer Testing System (Type KCTS-8000) is designed to measure the accuracy of instrument transformers having 1 or 5 ampere secondaries and primaries of up to 8000 amperes. The system uses a high accuracy multi-range current transformer as a reference standard. All ANSI standard burdens are included. The phase angle and ratio errors of the transformer-under-test (TUT) are measured by the built-in Knopp Automatic Transformer Comparator.

Optional KATC-C2-1 model can test CTs with 1A or 5A secondary current when used with a KCTS-8000.




  • AUTOMATIC and AUTORANGING Type KATC-C2 Current Transformer Comparator provides minimum measurement time (typically within three seconds after adjustment of test current).
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY of test current, ratio error (in Percent or Ratio Correction Factor), phase angle error (in Minutes or Milliradians), and Accuracy Class of the TUT.
  • SELF CHECK feature allows the KCTS system accuracy to be easily verified without the use of an external reference standard.
  • PROTECTIVE CIRCUITRY senses error conditions, such as wrong ratio or wrong polarity, and then removes power from the KCTS loading circuitry.
  • ZERO START feature requires that both coarse and fine test current controls be at zero before power can be applied to the loading circuitry (and thus the TUT).
  • MOTORIZED CONTROL of the test current is provided to minimize test time. This allows AUTOMATIC RUNDOWN of the test current after the test is complete.
  • SERIAL (RS-232C) output port to allow transfer of test results to a printer or data collection system.
  • CONNECTION KIT which includes cables to facilitate connection of most instrument transformers to the KCTS terminals.
  • DEMAGNETIZATION of Transformers prior to test.

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