IEC Standard Burden Sets (Current)

Testing and calibrating current transformers often requires standard burdens of reliable accuracy and stability, and burdens that are immune to stray fields and harmonics. These burden sets have been carefully designed to meet these requirements. They also provide the standard burdens required for the testing of current transformers for metering service, and for the testing (within the current rating provided by the sets) of current transformers for relaying applications, all as called for by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) Publication 185: 1987.

The burden sets are of the portable type, supplied in black metal housings with engraved bakelite panels. Extensive design and development work in perfecting these burden sets, and the quality material and skillful workmanship employed assure excellent performance and quality throughout. Details pertaining to the accuracy and performance, as well as other specifications, are given below.


Resistance and inductance within 1.0%.
At the rated frequency, the variation with current of the impedance and power factor of these current transformer burdens does not exceed 2.0% in the range from 10% to 50% of rated current and 1.0% from 50% to 200% of rated current. This includes the effects of self-heating in an ambient temperature ranging from 60 degrees F. to 80 degrees F.
Dimensions and weights
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Leads are not supplied with the burden sets. All the current transformer burden sets are adjusted for a 5 ft. pair of #8 closely spaced copper conductors. For the best accuracy it is important to use equivalent leads.
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