Hot Socket Simulator

The new TESCO Hot Socket Simulator gives you the ability to investigate meter failure issues related to hot socket phenomenon. The Simulator is equipped with one 2S meter socket with four jaws, one of which is the heated jaw. The arcing/heating apparatus can be moved to any of the four jaws (jaw 1 is the standard). Additional arcing/heating elements can be provided as an option for multiple hot jaws on the existing socket.

The TESCO Hot Socket Simulator has been designed with safety in mind. The simulation chamber is interlocked and must be closed to initiate the start of a test. All power is terminated if the chamber doors are opened. A polycarbonate impact resistant shield is used to enclose all simulations. A temperature output alarm can also be set to a desired cut-off temperature.

The TESCO Hot Socket Simulator (Cat. 3100-L) records temperature and other pertinent data through the plastic deformation phase of meter failures. The Simulator has selectable loads, and adjustable arcing.



  • Ability to simulate a hot socket in line and load jaws through controlled arcing (frequency, gap size) or cartridge heater (temperature control)
  • Easily replaceable jaw and socket parts
  • Temperature recorded at stab with non-contact pyrometer with a digital display and thermocouple signal output
  • Selectable loads (5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A)
  • Adjustable arcing gap size, 0.03″ (0.8mm) and 0.015″ (0.4mm) cams provided (other sizes available)
  • Screw adjustment of gap size for non-vibration arcing
  • Fixture is on locking casters for ease of mobility
  • Ability to program vibration periods and “at rest periods”
  • Ability to program duration and intensity of vibration
  • Ability to gather data on secondary blade temperatures

Equipment Documentation


3100-L Hot Socket Simulator 2020

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TESCO 3100-L User Manual_v2

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