Flexible AC Current Probe

The TESCO Flexible AC Current Probe (Catalog No. 361) is composed of a flexible sensor and an electronic module. The flexible sensor permits measurements on conductors where standard clamp-on probes cannot be used. In particular, it can be installed in tight spaces, around cable bundles, around wide or large bus bars, or even wrapped around irregular shapes. The Shape Memory feature enables the user to pre-shape the sensor before inserting it between or around conductors. This feature facilitates positioning the sensor around the conductor, enhances user safety, and alleviates the drooping effect associated with other flexible sensors.

The TESCO Flexible AC Current Probe is lightweight and does not use magnetic cores like standard transformers. The transformation principle is based on air core. It presents virtually no load to the system under test, has a low phase shift and excellent frequency response, and cannot be damaged by current overloads.

The sensor assembly is waterproof and insulated for 1000V working voltage. The TESCO Flexible AC Current Probe meets EN 61010 and is Ce marked.

The Current Probe has an mV output proportional to the current measured for direct readings of TESCO’s Cat. 1047 CT Ratio/Burden Tester. The length of the flexible sensor can be selected from 24″ (450mm) to 60″ (1520mm). Longer lengths are also available.

TESCO’s Flexible AC Current Probe can be sold as is, or as a calibrated item by our ISO 17025 Testing and Calibration Laboratory.



  • Accuracy 1% of reading
  • No core saturation or damage if overloaded
  • Overrange LED for measurement circuitry
  • EN 61010, 1000V Cat III, CE Mark
  • Waterproof sensor
  • 9V battery, provides typical 150-hour continuous operation
  • Shape Memory for custom pre-shaping of sensor before use (no dropping)
  • Very high frequency response
  • Low phase shift for power measurements
  • Excellent linearity and lightweight

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Catalog No. 361 – Flexible AC Current Probe

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