Electric Vehicle Service Equipment Test System

With the growing demand for electric vehicles (EV), there needs to be a simple and accurate method to test EV charging systems. Test the accuracy of AC and DC voltages and currents with TESCO’s Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) Test System TS400.  The TS400 is a valuable set with complete testing capabilities and caters to every possible EVSE charging protocol in the world (AC and DC). EV charging stations are popping up all over as the sale of electric vehicles increase.  Many states or counties are now mandating testing for these charging stations.  TESCO’s TS400 makes testing these chargers easy! TESCO’s EVSE Test Systems test the accuracy of energy delivery using a transactional mode compatible with Handbook 44 provisions. The TS400 Test System includes a T4000 EVSE Tester and a PL4000 EV Load Emulator. Reach out to your TESCO Representative for more information!




  • Tesla
  • CCS1
  • Additional standards are available upon request.
  • Easy to use – select a site and press “test”
  • Extremely fast, full accuracy is achieved in less than five seconds at any power level
  • Field ready, and easily transportable
  • Performs all accuracy and safety tests automatically without the need for operator intervention
  • All information for sites, equipment, test procedures, and test results is stored in the internal database
  • Compatible with all current EV charging protocols
  • Software for exporting data and creating reports
  • Capable of handling 350 amps sustained; 600 amps for XX minutes (TBD)

Equipment Documentation


T4350 EVSE_11x17 11-30-23

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