Catalog No. 2990 - Desktop Meter Test Station

desktop meter test station Desktop Meter Test Station Catalog No. 2990
Desktop Meter Test Station Catalog No. 2990
2990 with Wedge and Disk Sensor Arm
desktop meter test station

TESCO introduces a state-of-the-art meter accuracy testing in an affordable desktop configuration!

The 2990 revolutionizes meter testing by providing full series parallel meter testing in a small, budget-friendly desktop package.

A fully ANSI compliant test board, the 2990 offers complete testing of all meters under the widest range of test conditions. The new waveform generator has all waveforms called out in ANSI C12.20-2015 (pub. 4/2017). All common electromechanical and solid state meters up to 50 amps can be tested with the 2990 using the single voltage and three isolated current sources.

Optional Accessories:

  • Cat. 2490 Wedge Accessory
  • Cat. 2480 Disk Sensor Arm
  • Cat. 2450-CAL30-DTS  Calibration Adapter
  • Cat. 1210 Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Cat. 1183 A-Base Test Board Adapter
  • Cat. 1180 K-Base Test Board Adapter

Since 1904 customers have trusted TESCO for accuracy and reliability. When you think metering, think TESCO.


  • Cat. 1037-ARM Flexible Mount: This accessory (not included) provides a flexible mount for TESCO’s Cat. 1037-DTS or Cat. 1037-STND Optical Pickup on TESCO’s Test Boards.
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