Catalog No. 2199 - Desktop Meter Qualification Board

TESCO introduces a Meter Qualification Board for your desk!

Providing complete capabilities for evaluating meters and communications performance, TESCO’s Desktop Meter Qualification Board (Catalog No. 2199) can generate any voltage and load conditions the meter may encounter in the field. Apply non-sinusoidal voltages with complex load waveforms. Perform disconnect tests and reconnect tests without having to worry about being able to drive the meter’s switches.

The 2199 provides every option possible on TESCO’s 2100 Desktop Meter Station plus much more including:

• Voltages that are completely programmable from 30-480 volts
• Loads that are completely programmable from 0-50 amps
• Standard disconnect/reconnect testing
• A zero insertion force socket (electrically operated)
• The most lightweight and portable desktop meter station available


  • Cat. 1037-ARM Flexible Mount: This accessory (not included) provides a flexible mount for TESCO’s Cat. 1037-DTS or Cat. 1037-STND Optical Pickup on TESCO’s Test Boards.
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