Catalog No. BSC-102 - Burden Set – Current

Knopp Burden Set Current

The industry has recognized the actual load (burden) on CTs is lower than the standard ANSI burdens allow. So a new IEEE Specification (IEEE C57.13.6) accommodates that fact by introducing two new burdens and two new accuracy classes. This new specification address “High Accuracy”CTs.

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Knopp has a new Burden Set that includes the two new burdens in the IEEE Specification: The E-0.04 and E-0.2 burdens. The new Burden Set is called the BSC-102. These burdens are of a much lower impedance that that of the other ANSI burdens to much more closely match the real world.

Please refer to the Equipment Documentation below for more information.

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Approximately 8-1/4" long, 7-1/4" wide, 7-3/4" high
Approximately 7 pounds
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