TESCO AC Current Probe

The TESCO AC Current Probe (Catalog No. 411) is designed to extend current measuring capabilities of the CT Ratio/Burden Tester (Catalog No. 1047). Cat. 411 is built to the latest safety and performance standards, including the CE Mark. Two different hook-shaped jaws are offered, both permitting the user to “pry” or “hook” onto cables (will accept 2 x 500MCM) or even onto small bus bars.

The AC Current Probe uses hall effect technology to measure AC current. The electronics and batteries are self-contained in the handles. The output of the AC Probe is 1mV/A and 10mV/A. The Current Probe measures to 400A AC.

TESCO’s Cat. 411 can be sold as is, or as a calibrated item by our ISO 17025 Testing and Calibration Laboratory.



  • Measurement range of 400A AC
  • Distinct jaw shapes to be used for hooking or prying around the conductor
  • Auto-zero push button
  • Auto off after 10 minutes
  • Conforms to EN 61010, 600V, CAT III safety standard
  • Low phase shift for power measurements
  • mV output signals
  • Double insulation
  • CE Mark

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Catalog No. 411 – TESCO AC Current Probe

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