Measurement Canada

Meter Testing Functionality

  • Provides both raw and corrected test results
  • Meter uncertainties for energy and demand are provided one time and are used in calculating combined uncertainty
  • When test consoles are recertified uncertainties and errors can be easily updated
  • Errors and uncertainties are stored for the life of the test console
  • Uncertainty tests using the expanded combined uncertainty are also performed and the results are presented in an easy to read grid
  • Calculates meter conformance (C1 or C2) based on test errors at each load point
  • Meter test limits are configurable allowing each utility to set specific pass fail criteria for acceptance, regulatory, and restocking purposes

Support of Measurement Canada is not limited to meter testing;

  • Robust sample lot management capabilities
  • Create the appropriate work orders for sample lot testing and keep track of testing as it progresses.
  • Individual meter lot and sequence number are stored at the meter level and remain with that meter throughout its life.
  • Lots of any size may be imported and Measurement Canada tables for determining nmax and nmin for each lot
  • Will track excluded meters and identify the correct replacement meter based on its sequence number.
  • Multiple draws are supported