Materials Inventory

Our Software enables:

  • Insight and transparency across all your assets under management
  • Know the history, location and status of every serialized asset
  • Mitigate regulatory challenges, financial risk and leakage through controls and technology
  • Leverage your investments in your ERP and let Meter Manager do the heavy lifting
  • Create thresholds and re-order points with automatic notifications
  • Simplify and streamline your reconciliation processes

TESCO’s Meter Manager supports all major barcode manufacturers.


  • Customize and configure reporting and dashboards
  • Create thresholds and re-order points with automatic notifications
  • Easily send request for devices for any location within the enterprise
  • Create and package work-order kits for device installation
  • Unlimited number of locations, vehicles, employees that consign inventory
  • Interfaces with both tethered and wireless bar code scanners
  • Full traceability of inventory transfers, with transactions to both ship and receive
  • “X” marks the spot of the asset: Using barcodes, scan areas and shelves within a location
  • Containerization enables efficient and optimized processing of the movement of assets