Integration with ERPs

TESCO has a significant number of customers that use SAP, and the level of integration required varies from customer to customer.

Meter Manager performs the functions where it is faster and better suited to do the task, and then, via interfaces, propagates the data to SAP.

TESCO has also worked in situation where customers have opted to allow Meter Manager to assume some of the functions previously performed by SAP.

Meter Manager offers multiple “out of the box” methods of integration

  • File-based – whether scheduled, or triggered by the arrival of a file
  • Web service based – for real-time integration
  • TESCO has existing file formats for integration with all major meter manufacturers. These formats support all AMI data elements.

For TESCO’s existing customers, MM already uses web service calls to perform the following SAP functions:

  • 101 Goods Receipt when a new device shipment has been received
  • 261 to fulfill orders
  • 301, 303, 305 to transfer stocked material between meter shops and warehouses
  • 309 to change counts by stock number
  • 321 to decrement quality inspection count and increment available count for a stock number
  • 343 to restock a previously RMA device
  • 344 to RMA a stocked device