Integration Across the Portfolio

Meter Manager offers multiple methods of integration

  • File-based, either scheduled or triggered by the arrival of a file
  • Web service based integration for real-time integration
  • TESCO has existing file formats for integration with all major meter manufacturers.

Meter Manager is an “out-of-the-box” software suite that accommodates client’s needs (different business requirements) through configurations and switches, and not customization.

Integration is accomplished through Meter Manager Touch Points – these are specific places in the application where allowances are made for integration.  This code is isolated from the rest of the application, and can be customized for each customer, while the main application is not changed.

Meter Manager can leverage existing interfaces that you already have in place. Many utilities have implemented Meter Manager while reusing existing interfaces to mainframe, SAP, Oracle, and other systems, by having Meter Manager use the exact format of the previous interfaces.