Field Service Management

The Field Client is a work management and field service module designed specifically for metering. It runs standalone, or will integrate seamlessly with enterprise work management systems.

Field Client supports meter exchanges, field tests, site verifications and inspections, installation and maintenance of AMI network equipment, and most other field work. The Initial work for the day is stored locally on the technician’s tablet, allowing all work to be completed without requiring connectivity in the field. Technicians with cellular connectivity can retrieve new work and post results in real time.

Streamline and standardize  current data collection procedures

Reduce errors and increase operational efficiency

Achieve better quality and compliance

Identify unsatisfactory conditions, potential deficiencies and safety hazards

The Field Client has specific functionality for AMI meter deployments, which have different requirements from the day-to-day work.

  • Works in connected mode, when cellular service is available, and in disconnected mode, uploading the completed work and downloading any new when a network connection is available
  • Information captured at job site includes:
    • Photos, captured directly from the user’s tablet / phone
    • Longitude / latitude, captured from the tablet / phone
    • Safety information, access information, keys required, and other site data can be viewed and updated by the field technicians
  • Meter compatibility verification for exchanges
    • The system understands compatible meter forms, such as 12S and 25S
    • Measurement types, such as KWH, KW, KVar, TOU, and delivered vs received are cross-compared between the old and new meters
    • Meter class and voltage range are checked for compatibility
  • Removal read verification
    • Read captured by technician can be verified as a plausible read based on historical consumption and last known read
    • Blind verification, where a photo of the remove read is taken, and a clerk enters the read without knowing the value entered by the field technician, is available as an option
  • Billing multiplier calculation / cross-check
    • CT ratio, PT ratio, and meter attributes are used to calculate the expected billing multiplier. Dual ratio CTs are supported for this.
    • Installation of a volume corrector for a gas meter automatically adjusts the expected billing multiplier
    • The expected billing multiplier can be cross-checked against both the CIS and the AMI MDMS to ensure the customer is billed correctly