Meter Shop Services

Did you know that TESCO provides Meter Shop Services? Yes, it’s true! Actually, we’ve been offering these services for a number of years. Our testing facility is state-of-the-art and completely done in-house. We can handle one meter or one-hundred thousand meters. We can also come to your facility to do the testing there.

TESCO’s software group will work directly with your IT and meter shop personnel to interface with your existing Meter Records or Customer Information System. Data can be provided in either real-time or batch mode, eliminating the need for any re-entry of data or duplication errors.

Here’s a list of the types of Meter Shop Services we offer. (If you don’t see the service that you need, just give us a call)…

TESCO understands the need for quick turnaround and has both the manpower and systems in place to meet customer demands. TESCO offers competitive “per meter” pricing at rates which allow for a budgeted and timely completion of the project or commission work.

TESCO has warehouse space to accommodate hundreds of thousands of meters (have handled over two million meters for one customer with over one million of them in our warehouses for several months) and has space available for immediate expansion, if required, to suit your needs. Our loading dock and meter processing area are large enough to accommodate several truckloads of meters per day, if necessary. No matter how large or small your testing needs are, we can handle the job!

The TESCO Meter Shop & Meter Lab Services Facility Includes:
  • Multi-Position Meter Test Boards (MTB’s)
  • Multi-Position Meter Qualification Boards (MQB’s)
  • Multi-Position Re-Programming Boards
  • Demand Test Boards
  • Single-Position Watt-Hour Test Boards
  • Individual Engineering Stations (Desktop Meter Stations, Single-Position Meter Qualification Boards)
  • Meter Scrapping Facility (electromechanical, solid-state, polycarbonate covers, glass covers)
  • Knopp Transformer Test Equipment
  • Electronics Lab
  • Water/Rain Simulation Lab & Testing Facility
  • High Pot Testing Facility
  • Thermal Testing Facility
  • Hot Socket Simulation Equipment
  • Environmental Chamber

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