Uniload Voltage Transformer (2J4-4)

The Type 2J4-4 Knopp Uniload Voltage Transformer Test Set consists of three major parts:

A Type WP-14000-4 Knopp Precision Multirange Voltage Transformer Standard with primary ranges of 120; 240; 288; 300; 480; 600; 2,400; 4,200; 4,800; 7,200; 8,400; 12,000; and 14,400 volts. Secondary: 120 volts.
A Type LP-14000-4 Knopp Heavy-Duty Supply Transformer (similar in size and appearance to the WP-14000-4).
A rubber-tired carriage which supports the WP-14000-4 and LP-14000-4 and provides mobility to the complete Uniload Test Set.
For convenience and safety, a connection arrangement which prevents incorrect connections during tests is used for selecting the proper voltage range on the supply transformer and the precision standard.

The Type LP-14000 Knopp Supply Transformer mounts on top of the Type WP-14000-4 Knopp Voltage Transformer, with an interlocking feature for rigidity. Handles are also provided on each transformer for an added convenience should you wish to use the transformers separately and away from the carriage.



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