ACT / DCT EVSE Field Tester Calibration System (Cat. 5000)

The electric vehicle (EV) charging market is rapidly expanding, with more and more people switching to electric cars. As the demand for EV charging stations increases, so does the amount of energy that is being exchanged. This energy exchange market is already massive, with charging peaks reaching into the megawatts of energy. With this amount of energy comes a significant amount of revenue, which requires the most accurate billing possible.

This is where TESCO’s Catalog No. 5000 – ACT / DCT EVSE Field Tester Calibration System comes into play. The ACT / DCT is a comprehensive dual-system that facilitates the testing and accuracy verification of Field Test Equipment for evaluating EVSEs in the field. It’s a versatile system, offering both a 100A AC (ACT-100) Test System and a 350 DC Test System (DCT-350).

Both the ACT and DCT models boast an impressive 0.02% accuracy for power measurements and 0.04% for voltage and current, ensuring the highest precision in energy usage billing. This level of accuracy is crucial for everyone in the EV charging market, from station owners to utilities and energy providers.

With over 120 years of experience in the testing and measurement industry, TESCO is a name synonymous with reliability and precision. Our track record in providing top-notch testing equipment is well-established. The ACT / DCT is just one of the many innovative products we offer to support businesses in the EV charging market.

For those in the EV charging market seeking to guarantee billing accuracy, the ACT / DCT by TESCO is an ideal choice. Don’t compromise on billing precision! Consider investing in the ACT / DCT for peace of mind and accuracy in your business operations.




  • Interface with TDM on embedded PC

  • Calibration of standard using external transfer standard

  • Calibration of DUT

    • Background adjustment of calibration file within T4000 and T4350 (automated)

    • Store data in CSV and database for analysis

    • Provide pass/fail certification of T4000 and T4350


  • Overall Dimensions: 25.5” W x 74.6” H x 40.6” 


ACT100 Specification

  • Input: 120V, 15A, 60Hz AC NEMA L5-15P connector

  • Output: Three phase: 350V, 100A AC 50Hz/60

  • Metrology

    • Lab certification to ISO 17025

    • Voltage – 0.01% accuracy

    • Current – 0.01% accuracy

    • Power – 0.02% accuracy

DCT350 Specification

  • Input: 240V, 20A, 60Hz ACNEMA L5-15P connector
  • Output: 1000V, 300A DC
  •  Metrology
    • Voltage – 0.04% accuracy
    • Current – 0.04% accuracy
    • Power – 0.08% accuracy

Equipment Documentation


Cat 5000 7-19-23

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