Catalog Nos. 701 & 702 - SmartPole Meter Boxes

SmartPole Meter Box SmartPole Meter Box
Disconnect Box
SmartPole Meter Box

TESCO’s Universal SmartPole Meter Boxes are the approved method to install an ANSI C136.41 socket based meter to your streetlight pole. These can mount streetlight meters, meter telecommunication devices, or meters for any other pole-mounted services using this form factor.

TESCO’s new SmartPole Meter Boxes use a 3-pin adapter. They are approved for use with overhead services connected to powered pole attachments whether they be internally or externally mounted.

TESCO’s SmartPole Meter Box, Cat. 701, is designed for smart meters and can be strapped to either a wood or metal pole with the included pole strap kit. The smart meter (not included) is secured to the box with a meter seal lockable strap and is rated for up to 5A self-contained operation.

TESCO’s new SmartPole Meter Disconnect Box, Cat. 702, combines the required fused disconnect switch along with the same socket and lockable security strap as the Cat. 701.


  • Marine-Grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Hold Down Strap
  • Pole Bracket - Pole Strap Kit included
  • 3-pin Receptacle
  • Tamper Resistant 1/4" Seal Location
  • Riveted Weather Sealed Strap Latch
  • Ground/Bonding Lug
  • NEMA 3R Enclosure
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