Man in the Middle Cable

The Man-in-the-Middle Cable (Catalog No. MitM) was created to work with the T4000 and T4350 to enable a technician to use an electric vehicle rather than a very large load emulator to absorb the energy delivered by the DC fast charger during charger testing. It currently comes in 350 Amp CCSI and 200 Amp Tesla/NACS models, each with charging connector holders and digital temperature sensors.



  • Charging connector holder
  • Digital temperature sensors


As the cars and EVSE evolve, the MitM, the T4000 and the T4350 will evolve to handle them in concert, rather than purchasing even larger and more expensive new mass load boxes to meet the customer’s needs.

MitM Models:

  • CAT. MM-Tesla-DC-200
  • CAT. MM-CCS1-DC-350

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