Field Test Kit with Resistive Load

The TESCO Field Test Kit with Resistive Load has been designed to reduce the weight of field test equipment to the lowest possible limit. The carrying case is fabricated from durable powder coated aluminum. The total weight of the Field Test Kit including leads and digital standard is approximately 25 lbs.

A 120/240/277/480 voltage change switch is provided with an “OFF” position in order that the load can be de-energized without the necessity of breaking connections when it is desired to make adjustments to the meter under test. The various load values are changed by manipulation of a durable rotary switch. The switching steps are so arranged that the full load value is adjacent to its corresponding light load value. Thus all that is necessary to change from full to light load, is to change the switch settings on the load. No connections need to be changed.

The artificial load and standard are permanently connected and the internal connections of the load are such that the movement of the load selector switch automatically places the proper standard coil in the test circuit. As with all TESCO artificial loads, these are rated for continuous duty.



Weight: 25 lbs.
Voltages: 120, 240, 277, 480 (custom voltages available)
Current Range (Full Load): 5A, 10A, 15A, 30A, 50A
Current Range (Light Load): 0.5A, 1A, 1.5A, 3A, 5A
Standard: Radian

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Catalog No. GA-50 – Field Test Kit with Resistive Load

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Catalog No. GA-50 – Field Test Kit with Resistive Load (Operating Instructions)

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