Fused Current Jumpers

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General functionality

The Fused Current Jumpers (Catalog No. 9412) upgraded jumpers now come with an additional safety feature that further protects both the operator and the equipment during the use of the 6330 Site Meter Analyzer. This improved accessory now features a small fuse for additional protection in the event of a short during operation. Here at Tesco, safety is our #1 priority, and we are continuously looking for more innovative ways to protect you and the equipment.


Voltage rating: 500V

Current rating: 10A






Cable Length: 16.5 inches

Total length: 27.5 inches

Connectors: EZ-hooks

Fuse holder: 3 AGC type fuse holder

Wire gauge: 18 AWG

Colors: EZ-Hook can be red, blue, yellow or black


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Fused Current Jumpers

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