Calibration Pulse Processor

TESCO’s Calibration Pulse Processor (Catalog No. 2401) adapts to any Next Generation three phase test board to directly calibrate with three independent single phase standards.

Calibrate your MTS-3050, MTB, MQB3, or MEB using your existing single phase reference standards. A simple software application used to set up the device is included and generates a file with the calibration results. All necessary cables are also included.



  • Calibrates NextGen Equipment
  • Works seamlessly with TESCO calibration software to automatically scale the output pulses for the highest accuracy calibration
  • Two modes of operation:
    • Combined Mode—sums the pulses from up to three independent single phase standards into a single stream of pulses
    • Double Pulse Mode—issues a start pulse at the beginning of a test and an end pulse when a programmed amount of pulses have been received from the reference standards.
  • Necessary cables included

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Catalog No. 2401 – Calibration Pulse Processor

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