KATC-C2 - Automatic Current Transformer Comparator (KATC-C2)


Got older, slower equipment? Knopp’s Automatic Current Transformer Comparator (KATC-C2) is faster, more robust and more accurate!

Knopp’s KATC-C2 is a high accuracy current comparator that is compatible with all older generation Knopp comparators, and is designed to be a direct, plug-in replacement requiring no modification of the existing Knopp Current Transformer Test Systems. Save time and money on service by upgrading your comparator to our new next generation model!



  • Easily interchangeable with other Knopp comparators; no modification needed
  • Compatible with TESCO Test Manager
  • Ability to test transformers with 5 ampere secondaries
  • Automatic sensing of 50 or 60 Hertz current
  • Calculation and display of ANSI accuracy class
  • Usage and hookup error detection and alerts, resistant to excessive test current
  • Fast testing time (under one minute)
  • Continuous instantaneous readings
  • Automatic operation (no manual “nulling” or adjustments required)
  • Demag
  • Auto-ranging capability
  • Eliminated the possibility of burning up resistors by turning up the current too fast
  • 5” Full color LCD, 800 x480
  • KATC-C2-1 model allows the ability to test down to unity


19” wide, 18.1” Deep, 5.25” High. Note: This is a standard 3U rack enclosure.
Approximately 25 pounds
Input Power
85 to 250 VAC, 2.5A, 50/60Hz
Test Frequency
50±1 Hz, 60±1 Hz
Standard Input
Range: 50 mA to 20 A
Phase Error: ±90 degrees
RCF: 0 ≤ RCF ≤ 10
Ratio Error: -100% ≤ Ratio Error ≤ +1000%
Accuracy Class: 0% ≤ Accuracy Class ≤ 100%
Resolution: RCF: 0.00001
Phase: 0.001 degrees
Accuracy Class: 0.01
I/O Connections
I/O connection Two (2) USB 2.0 (Front panel)
Ethernet (Front Panel)
RS-485 Multi-drop (Rear panel/internal communications)
Transformer Inputs
S: High side reference transformer
U: High side transformer under test (TUT)
E: Low side reference transformer
Ē: Low side transformer under test (TUT)
KATC-C2-1 model allows the ability to test down to unity

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