AMI Meter Farms

Do you have new AMI meters going into the field? Or have you already deployed your new meters, but will have firmware upgrades soon? Allow us to introduce the TESCO Meter Farm, our newest offering to support your AMI Meter Deployment. The Meter Farm powers up banks of meters and runs a current load through each meter. TESCO Meter Farms are designed to serve as a cost effective method for testing communication, functionality and firmware upgrades from your meter manufacturer(s). The Meter Farm can be used as part of the qualification process prior to deployment, but has been more popular as a post deployment tool to allow large scale testing of all new releases of firmware over hundreds or even thousands of meter points prior to upgrading the entire system. The Meter Farm can also be used to perform long term testing for new hardware releases prior to introducing later generation meters into the field. As with all of our products, the TESCO Meter Farm is built with the tradition of reliability and ruggedness.



Meter Forms: TESCO Meter Farm Panels are available to suit all meter forms
Voltages: 120, 240, 277 and 480 VAC (Custom voltages available upon request)
Amperages: 0.5A (Custom amperages available upon request)
Socket Positions: Built to customer specifications to suit your needs

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AMI Meter Farm

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Gas Meter Farm

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