Rocky Mountain Electric Metering Association

March 1, 2016

Rocky Mountain Meter School – 2016

  • Test Switch Operation, Specifications & Accessories– An introduction to test switches. 3/2016
  • Hot Sockets – Issues, Causes & Best Practices– Hot Sockets are not a new phenomenon. Virtually every meter man has pulled a meter with a portion of the meter base around a blade melted and virtually every utility has been called to assist in the investigation of a fire at a meter box. AMI deployments, because of the volume of meters involved, put a spot light on this issue. What causes a hot socket? Are the meters ever the cause of a meter box failure? What are the things to look for when inspecting an existing meter installation? What are the best practices for handling potential hot sockets? This presentation will cover the results of our lab investigation into the sources for hot sockets, the development of a fixture to simulate hot sockets, the tests and data learned from hot sockets, and a discussion of “best practices” regarding hot sockets. 3/2016

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