TESCO’s Utilicart: All-in-One Portable Work Station and Hand Dolly

UtiliCart® (Cat. 1060) is a lightweight, portable, easy-to-use, collapsible platformed dolly (C.P.D) that helps you easily bring equipment in and out of the field while also providing a stable, clean work station on site. The UtiliCart® is used for large or small test equipment for the field, such as: Site Analyzers, Laptops, Power Quality Testers, EVSE equipment, and more. The UtiliCart® conveniently folds flat for easy storage in your truck or van.

TESCO’s Meter Test Switch: 101st Anniversary!

August 17, 2021 marks 101 years since original TESCO founders Joseph Seaman and Burleigh Currier along with Percy Bartlett patented the first ever meter test switch. Originally called the Indicating and Testing Supply Switch Box, the Meter Test Switch was invented with safety in mind. Since then, it has allowed utility workers to safely isolate and test meters at industrial and commercial facilities. TESCO is proud to be the original creator of the Meter Test Switch, being a trusted source for over 100 years.

Happy 4th of July from TESCO!

Located in Bristol, PA, TESCO headquarters is a quick ride from Philadelphia where the Founding Fathers met to draft and publish the Declaration of Independence almost 245 years ago. All of us from TESCO wish you a safe and happy 4th of July!
Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day 2021

Father’s Day reminds us that our fathers have always taught us to never give up and to keep moving ahead in life and achieving our goals. We are celebrating Dads around the world on this very special day.

TESCO Tuesdays: Streetlights & 5G Metering and Testing

Learn how communication devices are being metered on smartpoles and how you can utilize your streetlights to maximize revenue for your utility.

TESCO Tuesdays: Electric Vehicle Trends & Calibration of Commercial Chargers

This presentation will dive into electric vehicle trends in the industry and how to properly calibrate commercial chargers.

TESCO Tuesdays: Complete Site Testing

The best way to be sure you are getting the correct revenue from a site is to test the entire site. Learn how to find any diversions, corrosion, broken or frayed wiring with complete site testing.

TESCO Tuesdays: Harmonics

This presentation will discuss harmonics, the importance of harmonics, and the impact of harmonics on metering.

TESCO Tuesdays: Lessons Learned from AMI Deployments and Asset Management Readiness

In this session, TESCO will review the Lessons Learned from AMI Deployments and Asset Management Readiness. One of the main objectives of any AMI smart meter initiative is to provide customers with increased visibility, insight, control, and convenience. The AMI smart meter initiative fundamentally transforms the relationship a utility has with its customers by enabling them to become more self-aware of their energy usage. Your organization’s view of assets under management, and how best to manage and control them, will be paramount to the on-going realization of your investment.

Nightmare on Canal Street

Site Testing doesn’t have to be scary with TESCO’s 6330 Meter Site Analyzer! Follow Carrie the meter tech (named after her mother’s favorite Stephen King novel) as she is on the hunt for lost revenue at an old, haunted building. It’s our way of saying “Happy Halloween” and getting in the holiday “spirit.”