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Meter Manager Field Client

TESCO Software introduces Field Client, the only metering-centric field management software in the industry. Designed specifically for metering enabling the system to enforce utility-specific business rules about what tasks, inspections, and tests should be performed based on the work order type and type of service.

CAT. 1037-ITRN Optical Pickup

TESCO’s Cat. 1037-ITRN can pick up hard-to-read pulses from the top of the meter. The design uses the meter cover to hold and locate the pickup directly over the pulse output (light pipe). The pickup is integrated into the curved plastic to allow the pickup to be on the surface of the cover, maximizing the signal received from even the weakest pulse outputs. The curved design also blocks ambient light making this the most effective pickup on the market for sensing the pulse output from meters with the pulse output in the 12 o’clock position.

TESCO Holiday Video 2021

Happy Holidays! We hope you enjoy our holiday greeting and have a few laughs! We enjoyed making it for you! From the TESCO family to you and your family … May your holidays be filled with peace, hope, laughter, and joy! Best wishes for a safe and happy New Year, too!

Veterans Day 2021

TESCO honors the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. We thank each and every one of you for your service, including our veterans here at TESCO.

How to use a Hot Socket Gap Indicator

Quick and easy instructional video on how to operate a Hot Socket Gap Indicator. It is used to determine if a meter socket jaw has become worn-out and unsafe for continued use. The Gap Indicator determines unsafe holding force on meter socket jaws based on laboratory testing.

Top Five Uses of UtiliCart®

This Halloween season, see our top five uses for the UtiliCart®. Whether it’s transporting pumpkins or hauling heavy bags of candy, the UtiliCart® can carry up to 400 pounds of your favorite gourds or Good & Plenty’s.

TESCO’s TS400 EVSE Test System

Electric vehicle charging stations are popping up all over as the sale of electric vehicles increase. States and counties are now mandating testing for these charging stations. TESCO’s TS400 makes testing these chargers easy! The TS400, containing a T4000 EVSE Tester and a PL4000 Load Emulator, has complete testing capabilities and caters to every possible EVSE charging protocol in the world (AC and DC).

TESCO’s Utilicart: All-in-One Portable Work Station and Hand Dolly

UtiliCart® (Cat. 1060) is a lightweight, portable, easy-to-use, collapsible platformed dolly (C.P.D) that helps you easily bring equipment in and out of the field while also providing a stable, clean work station on site. The UtiliCart® is used for large or small test equipment for the field, such as: Site Analyzers, Laptops, Power Quality Testers, EVSE equipment, and more. The UtiliCart® conveniently folds flat for easy storage in your truck or van.

TESCO’s Meter Test Switch: 101st Anniversary!

August 17, 2021 marks 101 years since original TESCO founders Joseph Seaman and Burleigh Currier along with Percy Bartlett patented the first ever meter test switch. Originally called the Indicating and Testing Supply Switch Box, the Meter Test Switch was invented with safety in mind. Since then, it has allowed utility workers to safely isolate and test meters at industrial and commercial facilities. TESCO is proud to be the original creator of the Meter Test Switch, being a trusted source for over 100 years.