TESCO Tuesdays: Fall 2020


History of Electric Metering | September 29, 2020:

This presentation takes an in-depth look at the history of electric metering starting with Ben Franklin’s Electric “battery” around the year 1670. The battle of the currents (AC vs. DC) is discussed, as well as the watt-hour meter, meter manufacturers, how metering has changed and what metering is today.

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Transformer-Rated & Self-Contained Metering Fundamentals | October 6, 2020:

Discover the differences between transformer-rated and self-contained metering sites and discuss why we test, how we test, the types of meter tests, what to do with the data from these tests, and more. A must-see presentation for any meter tech or supervisor.

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OSHA Title 8 & Meter Testing Safety | October 13, 2020:

This presentation discusses OSHA Title 8 Regulations, how to comply, how it affects utilities, and field testing challenges.

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Meter Test Switches | October 20, 2020:

This presentation will cover meter test switch operation, specifications and accessories.

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CT Testing: Theory & Practice | October 27, 2020:

This presentation discusses self-contained vs. transformer rated CTs, functions and terminology, CT testing, ratio testing, burden testing, and more.

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Ratio, Burden and Admittance | November 3, 2020:

This presentation will cover CT Ratio and Burden Testing with TESCO’s Meter Site Analyzer.

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Lessons Learned from AMI Deployments and Asset Management Readiness | November 10, 2020:

In this session, TESCO will review the Lessons Learned from AMI Deployments and Asset Management Readiness. One of the main objectives of any AMI smart meter initiative is to provide customers with increased visibility, insight, control, and convenience. The AMI smart meter initiative fundamentally transforms the relationship a utility has with its customers by enabling them to become more self-aware of their energy usage. Your organization’s view of assets under management, and how best to manage and control them, will be paramount to the on-going realization of your investment.

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Harmonics | November 17, 2020:

This presentation will discuss harmonics, the importance of harmonics, and the impact of harmonics on metering.

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Complete Site Testing | December 1, 2020:

The best way to be sure you are getting the correct revenue from a site is to test the entire site. Learn how to find any diversions, corrosion, broken or frayed wiring with complete site testing.

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Electric Vehicle Trends & Calibration of Commercial Chargers | December 8, 2020:

This presentation will dive into electric vehicle trends in the industry and how to properly calibrate commercial chargers.

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Streetlights & 5G Metering and Testing | December 15, 2020:

Learn how communication devices are being metered on smartpoles and how you can utilize your streetlights to maximize revenue for your utility.

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