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With more than 100 years of industry knowledge and experience, TESCO’s Meter Manager software seamlessly supports IOUs, Municipalities and Cooperatives of all sizes. We successfully assist utilities with their AMI Deployments and have a deep understanding of how to integrate with meter/device manufacturers, legacy and ERPs, meter data management, head end, and workforce systems.

TESCO’s Meter Manager software is an out-of-the box, configurable, easy-to-use asset and inventory management platform. Designed with utilities in mind, Meter Manager enables cradle-to-grave processing of your assets. This includes AMR and AMI meters, network communications devices, and CT/VT.

Meter Manager Modulesmeter farm for TESCO meter manager software

Each Module is written specifically to support metering operations. No Module has been adapted for use from some niche outside of metering. TESCO has the only software written exclusively for metering professionals by metering professionals.

TESCO worked tirelessly to create a uniform set of Modules written on the same software base for every customer in North America.  An enhancement for one customer is an enhancement for every customer. At the same time, every customer has every module configured for their use and their reporting requirements.

TESCO’s Meter Manager software is architected to allow utilities to customize their purchase. You can buy all, one, or a few of the Modules. When your needs grow, Meter Manager can scale accordingly by adding additional Modules to your installation.

Here are the Meter Manager Modules:

Asset Management Lifecycle

TESCO’s Meter Manager software provides complete lifecycle support. It processes all the required business workflows for asset and inventory management irrespective of the device type.

Meter Shop Test Records & Operations

TESCO’s Meter Manager Meter Shop Module handles every aspect of an electric or gas meter shop. From tracking meters and equipment through the shop, to performing any required testing, and from sample testing shipments to 100% testing, the Meter Shop Module is what you need.

Inventory Management

The Meter Inventory Module is for comprehensive inventory control of meters and other serialized equipment. Meter Manager works in bulk and/or individual serialized devices. Meter Manager includes full inventory tracking and movement, including an unlimited number of inventory locations, each one of which may be a meter shop, a warehouse, another location, an individual, or a vehicle.

Random Sample/In-Service Testing

The Random Sample module, sometimes referred to as the in-service testing module, is designed to manage the random and periodic testing of your installed meter population. Depending on the regulatory environment, utilities typically choose one of two methods to ensure the accuracy of the meter population. These requirements may differ from regulatory agencies across the USA, so we will review your State’s PSC/PUC requirements to ensure the system can be configured to meet the regulations.

Site Verification

Site Verification is specifically for metering. The system is able to enforce utility-specific business rules about what tasks, inspections, and tests should be performed based on the work order type and type of service.

Field Exchange

You are deploying a pilot of 12,000 AMI meters. It is imperative that the installation of these meters be done correctly, documented accurately, verifiable and updated. A combination of existing and new MMS capabilities will ensure the accuracy and traceability of the entire process. This new module works with tablets such as the Motion Pro or the Panasonic Toughpad.

Meter Manager Legacy and Systems Integration

If you have existing interfaces to/from Legacy/Home-grown or ERPs like SAP, Oracle or Maximo, Meter Manager can use them – guaranteed. We implement hundreds of interfaces to ERPs and legacy, with over half re-purposing existing interfaces with no changes.

Meter Manager Architecture

Meter Manager is a true three-tier application.  Business logic is contained within the application server layer, while the client layer is responsible for the User Interface.

Project Management & Delivery

Our methodology is a system of practices, techniques, procedures, and rules used by our implementation team to ensure a higher level of quality and customer satisfaction. Our multi-phased approach can integrate with your system development life cycle, supporting both waterfall and iterative methods.

Personal Protective Equipment

Regulations will inevitably change over time, but the need to collect and maintain records that are verifiable and auditable will not change. Workplace and condition specific, personal protective equipment (PPE) is an investment every company must make to ensure the safety of their employees. PPE goods can be expensive, and organizations are expending (rightly so) significant amounts of money each year. An efficient system is required to track the PPE goods from purchase, through maintenance, and retirement that maximizes employee safety and provides a means to verify compliance with the various regulations governing the use of PPE.