Retrofitting AMI Antennas

Retrofitting AMI Antennas
TESCO Solves Hard to Reach Endpoints

In an ideal world, once AMI Deployments are finished the reads are 100.0%. However, this is not always the case. Every network system, including mesh and point-multipoint, has holes. Some are intermittent and others are more persistent.

TESCO is working hard with our customers to resolve all of their metering issues, including the retrofit of AMI meters with antennas. TESCO has worked with numerous utilities and AMI platforms to develop an antenna solution and strategy to perform these retrofits.

We work with the utility and the manufacturer to ensure our retrofit is controlled and approved, ensuring that all manufacturer warranties are maintained both during and after the retrofit. TESCO has assisted in the evaluation and recommendation of components to be used and the various lengths of antennas to be used for the field to simplify procurement and stocking while minimizing the overall program cost.

Why Choose TESCO for Retrofitting Your Antennas?
  • TESCO engineers will assist you in developing your solution, providing suggestions, evaluating components, and providing samples before finalizing the solution that is optimal for your utility.
  • Direct or passive coupling available depending on the meter being used and the network provider.
  • Various cable lengths can be provided to allow the teams in the field maximum flexibility once they visit and evaluate a particular site. Typical antenna lenghts are 25, 50 and 100 feet. Up to 400 feet cable lengths have been provided.
  • Can execute on a contract basis or a stock and ship (as needed basis). Experienced TESCO engineers available to assist you throughout the cycle.

TESCO’s engineers are here to assist on any metering or AMI related issue you need help with. We have developed switchboard meter solutions, signal strength analyzers, provided field programming and auditing services to name a few of the unique projects our customers have needed help with to get closer to that 100%.

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