Retirement Testing & Recycling

This Retirement Testing & Recycling process verifies the accuracy of the meter being removed from service. TESCO also includes a picture of the final reading as well as a read verification to ensure no issues with the customer’s final bill. The picture, final reading and accuracy test can all be saved to a single record and all of this information or a subset of this information can be configured for transfer to the customers system of record.

Project Samples

Below are some examples of where TESCO has been an important role in the meter services industry. We’ve helped some of the largest Utilities & Meter Manufactures in the country. Our goal is to confirm meter accuracy by making our customers aware of potential issues with any meter that is or will be in service.

  1.  Scope of the Project: 
    Retired meters and completely removed them from the utility’s system. This included collecting serial numbers, and confirming inventory for over two million electromechanical meters.
  2.  Scope of the Project:
    Verified the final read on meters by taking a snap shot and comparing it to the standard. If the final read matched the standard, the meter and billing charges were considered accurate. A photo is taken during the final read and attached to every retired meter so it could be disposed of faster.
  3.  Scope of the Project:
    Performed a complete retirement and recycle program for a utility. Throughout the process, the following steps were completed…
  • Power up meters
  • Note any errors or test failures
  • If a failure occurred confirm that the meter was bad (as opposed to a bad test)
  • Boards automatically sent passed test results
  • Reasons for failures were always noted and sent. Failed meters were set aside
  • Once the meters are retired, TESCO then recycles them. All hazardous materials are disposed of properly, including but not limited to lithium-ion batteries. An environmental audit is performed and a certification of destruction is provided to the utility.

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