Equipment Rebuild

Working with a thin budget? There are times when new equipment just isn’t an option for some customers. That’s why we offer the opportunity to rebuild older equipment – both TESCO & NON-TESCO equipment. It’s both a cost effective method and a solution to your testing needs.

TESCO can completely modify & enhance your equipment and include any features that can make your testing procedures smoother. Imagine getting the equipment you need, improving productivity & getting meters to the field faster – All at a fraction of the cost of new equipment!

Call TESCO for an estimate at 215-228-0500. Be prepared to answer some questions on your current equipment (manufacturer, models). Also, which new features would you like it to have?

Sample Project

Scope of the Project:

Investigated & reverse-engineered an existing control system. As a result, we have upgraded multiple three-phase time run boards due to the age of the control hardware. All portions of the controls were upgraded with modern components. New documentation was included with the rebuilt system, which consisted of schematics & drawings, source codes, touch screen programs & an operational guide.

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