Custom Equipment

TESCO has a wide range of experience and a proven track record in the design and assembly of custom equipment for metering operations. TESCO’s experience ranges from single workstation semi-automated equipment to fully integrated meter handling systems, meter cleaning systems, and even automated meter testing systems. Our engineers, designers, technicians, and project managers, working together with representatives from your company, provide the team effort necessary to achieve the best solution for your particular needs.

TESCO can supply instrumentation to automate a test or monitor a process. Site planning, safety factors, logistics, power requirements and ease of maintenance are carefully considered in the design phase and fully integrated into the production of your systems.

All systems are run and debugged under production conditions prior to shipping. As part of TESCO’s total solutions approach, TESCO provides factory installation and start-up assistance; operator training; mechanical and electrical field service and complete documentation along with factory warranty.

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