Certification Testing

certification testing

Certification Testing is to ensure accuracy, reliability and safety of smart meters. The testing ensures that all meters are subject to the same standards and requirements.

Project Samples

Below are some examples of where TESCO has been an important role in the meter services industry. We’ve helped some of the largest Utilities & Meter Manufactures in the country. Our goal is to confirm meter accuracy by making our customers aware of potential issues with any meter that is or will be in service.

  1. Scope of the Project: Developed new testing equipment, developed protocols and ran extended Certification Testing using existing meters as a baseline comparison and to compare the performance of competing Smart Grid Meters. Once the field was narrowed down the recommended vendor was put through a series of certification tests to ensure the meters could meet the customer in-service requirements.
  2. Scope of the Project: Ran certification testing for every meter form as they became available over the course of the deployment from the meter vendors.

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