Accuracy Testing of New Meters or Used Meters

Utilities need to ensure the accuracy of all meters for revenue and billing purposes. All meters, regardless of technology and design, are required to meet national ANSI standards for meter accuracy and operation prior to being installed or if required by commission regulation after removal.

Project Samples

Below are some examples of where TESCO has been an important role in the meter services industry. We’ve helped some of the largest Utilities & Meter Manufactures in the country. Our goal is to confirm meter accuracy by making our customers aware of potential issues with any meter that is or will be in service.

  1. Scope of the Project: Perform Sample Testing for all AMI truck loads over the course of a multi-year deployment. This project required both functional testing as well accuracy testing.
  2. Scope of the Project: For the accuracy test TESCO test boards were connected via a secure connection directly to the Utilities system of record. Test results were sent directly to the system of record so that truckloads of meters could be released as soon as accuracy and functional testing were completed. Functional testing (see next section for examples of this) was performed first so accuracy tests were only transmitted for sample groups that had already passed functional testing (customer’s system of record had no ability to track functional testing results). Once testing was complete and the truck released the customer’s system would notify the third party installer and confirm to TESCO. Throughout the process the following steps were completed…
  • Power up meters
  • Note any errors or test failures
  • If a failure occurred confirm that the meter was bad (as opposed to a bad test)
  • Boards automatically sent passed test results
  • Reasons for failures were always noted and sent. Failed meters were set aside
  • Sample meters and the trucks they were from remained in quarantine until the sample batch of meters passed both functional and accuracy testing.

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