Acceptance (Functional) Testing

In addition to accuracy testing, Utilities receiving new Smart meters must also confirm additional functionality with Acceptance (Functional) Testing. The programs and settings in the meter will conform to the latest release as the meter configurations, firmware, and programs typically change over the course of a smart meter deployment and post-deployment.

Project Samples

Below are some examples of where TESCO has been an important role in the meter services industry. We’ve helped some of the largest Utilities & Meter Manufactures in the country. Our goal is to confirm meter accuracy by making our customers aware of potential issues with any meter that is or will be in service.

  1. Scope of the Project: Assisted Utility in performing meter functional acceptance testing for AMI meters. TESCO provided two on-site meter test technicians for the duration of the AMI investigation phase. Our test technicians performed the AMI functional acceptance test as directed by the Utility..
  2. Scope of the Project: Provide additional test equipment to complete ongoing AMI network functional testing on 1S, 2S & 2SE AMI meters. The Utility requested hot socket and over current testing on the meters. To accommodate a tight deadline, TESCO built the utility “bread board” test equipment. Bread boarding means that the test fixtures will be temporary and will only be able to be used to perform the required testing. These tests and equipment were later upgraded & included as standard acceptance checks for all new AMI meters.
  3. Scope of the Project: Ran the ongoing acceptance testing program for all AMI meters.
  4. Scope of the Project: Performed new meter acceptance testing for AMI deployment for the following…
  • cycling the service disconnect switch
  • checking the meter displayed voltage to that is set on the regulated power supply
  • checking meter and NIC firmware versions
  • checking meter software version
  • checking meter display operation
  • go/no-go connection test
  • checking the zigbee operation
  • operating test equipment and recording test results

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