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UtiliShelf® (Catalog No. 1063) allows you to create a quick and easy work station at a site. The UtiliShelf® is magnetic and will attach to any metal object (16 gauge or thicker for full magnet strength). No more worrying about where you’ll be setting up your test equipment or laptop in the field!

The Catalog No. 1063 also includes UtiliHooks® While out in the field, you may come across situations where you will not be able to find a metal surface to attach your UtiliShelf®. With UtiliHooks®, you no longer need to worry about that scenario! These hooks attach to the back of the UtiliShelf® and can be hung from aluminum substation panel doors at cell towers as well as CT box panels and non-metallic panels.



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Catalog No 1061 – UtiliShelf

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